App Install Attribution using CleverTap


Attributing app installs to conversions was easy until a few months ago when some ad networks stopped passing on referrer information to app owners.

Facebook and Twitter for one have stopped passing on attribution data outside their ad ecosystems. In such a case, capturing app download referrers via a third party attribution provider is the only solution. Facebook, for instance, allows its attribution partners like Appsflyer, Apsalar etc. to manage device IDs for all the users who interact with their ads. Clicking your ad takes the user to a post-back end point to capture referrer information and then redirects them to the store to download the app. After the user launches the app for the very first time, these SDKs match the device ID to the one provided by the ad network to identify the user downloaded the app from your Christmas campaign on Facebook.

All you need is a common identifier (usually Ad ID or Device IDs) to attribute every single user back to their acquisition source.


Automatic Attribution

PlayStore passes on attribution data when a user downloads your app. To be able to automatically capture Play Store referrers on CleverTap, paste the following in your AndroidManifest.xml. Barring Facebook and Twitter, this works for any ad network as long as referrer information is present in the URL when a user lands on the PlayStore to download your app.

<action android:name=""/>

Third Party Attribution

In your Android app, open the file where you have added your AppsFlyer integration and add the following Code snippet.

String attribution ID = cleverTapInstance.getCleverTapAttributionIdentifier();


Automatic Attribution

App Store on the other hand has walked out of the attribution party. All attribution data is dropped when a user lands on the AppStore.

Third Party Attribution

In your app, open the file where you have added your AppsFlyer integration and add the following Code snippet.

[CleverTap Auto Integrate];
[[AppsFlyerTracker sharedTracker] setCustomerUserID:[[CleverTap sharedInstance] profileGetCleverTapAttributionIdentifier]];

You’ll generally notice a drop in the number of users your Attribution provider reports compared to CleverTap as some users may download but never launch the app. Once you have this set up, look for attribution data on CleverTap under the Attribution dashboard or use our system event UTM Visited to track what your user does after installing the app.

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