Apple Search Ads Attribution


Are there any plans to incorporate Apple Search Ads attribution alongside Facebook and Google Adwords? I’m interested in having this functionality in CleverTap without having to install other third party trackers such as AppsFlyer.

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Hi @Horsie_Software,

Good question! To do this, you can implement the Apple attribution API:
and then call our

  • (void)pushInstallReferrerSource:(NSString *)source
    medium:(NSString *)medium
    campaign:(NSString *)campaign;

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Thank you Sumitra - most helpful!


Hi again Sumitra,

Just getting around to doing this and would like some more clarification.

My understanding from Apple’s documentation is that the call for attribution details should only be made once when successful, as the attributes will not change. Thus we should store these details locally and check whether we have them before making that call and then storing / calling your pushInstallReferrerSource: method.

Does your system allow us to query whether the install attribution has been pushed to CleverTap for that user (e.g. like some kind of “get” method?). If not, perhaps we should mirror this to the userDefaults in order to avoid pushing twice to CleverTap. Is there a problem calling pushInstallReferrerSource: more than once?

The Search Ads attribution details dictionary has a structure like this (Apple’s example):
“Version3.1” = {
“iad-attribution” = true;
“iad-org-name” = “Light Right”;
“iad-campaign-id” = 15292426;
“iad-campaign-name” = “Light Bright Launch”;
“iad-conversion-date” = “2016-10-14T17:18:07Z”;
“iad-click-date” = “2016-10-14T17:17:00Z”;
“iad-adgroup-id” = 15307675;
“iad-adgroup-name” = “LightRight Launch Group”;
“iad-keyword” = “light right”;

What do you recommend passing for “Source” and “Medium”? Do you intend something like:
if (attributes[iad-attribution] == TRUE)
[[CleverTap sharedInstance] pushInstallReferrerSource: @“Apple Search Ads”
medium: ??
campaign: attributes[iad-campaign-id]]

What about the rest of the attribution details Apple provides? Should we in fact just store this as a user profile property or is there a better way to send CleverTap all this data?

Just trying to get my head around the best approach to take. Many thanks for your help!


Hi @Horsie_Software,

Thanks for your question! Glad to help here.

Our system doesn’t currently have a direct way to query for whether the install attribution has been pushed to CleverTap for a user, but you could indirectly find out with CleverTap Query Language’s session property filters: – to see a list of users who performed an event on your app via certain utm_source, utm_medium, or utm_campaign values.

Aside from Source, Medium, and Campaign, any of the other rich attribution details provided by Apple for each user can be pushed to their respective CleverTap user profile as custom user profile properties. Once these are available as custom user profile properties, you can ‘get’ or ‘set’ them for users.

As for your example, Source can be ‘Apple Search Ads’ and Medium would refer to your marketing medium, e.g., cpc, banner, email, etc.


Hi Sumitra,

I have all this working now I think.

I am wondering about the CleverTap dashboard under “Attribution”. There are ways to analyse and compare different sources and campaigns, however I see no mention of “medium” there?

For users with attribution source: “Apple Search Ads”, I am passing the keyword the user searched for in the CleverTap “medium” parameter (as there is only one medium for Apple Search Ads). I would love to be able to compare how valuable each user is based on the keyword they searched for - to show me which keywords produce the users who spend the most. This is useful because if one keyword produces a higher CPA than another, but those users spend far more, it would override any conclusion based on CPA alone.

Can you advise on whether I can see this kind of breakdown here?

Thank you.



Hi Alex (@Horsie_Software),

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response!

One suggestion here is to go into “Events”, put in your conversion event (say, “Charged”) in the search query, click on “View details”, and go into the “Session” tab to see top media that contributed to this event:

Hope this helps!