Average session duration/time spent on page in Clevertap?


Hi folks,

I’m struggling to do an analytics of the average session duration(definition of a session being time diff(app exit - app start)), average time spent on a particular page view/screen in Clevertap. We pass the time spent as the property attribute, but there is no way to do conclusive analytics on the platform. We could do such analytics through JQLs in mixpanel, can somebody help on how do this in CT?


did you get an answer to this at all Sahil? trying to figure this out if this capability is available in analytics or not


Hey Nitin,

Yes I did get an answer here. You already know this is possible in the new analytics that we’ve created. It is also possible to do so in CT in the Trends and Properties section, let me know if you wish to discuss.


How do I enable the App Screen Viewed events in CleverTap. Note that I am using the free tier account. Documentation on Events says “To activate tracking for this event, you have to set this event to active from the Events section on your Settings page”. But I did not see that setting. Also is it possible to get the avg spent time on screen in CleverTap?


Hi Sahil,

Could we discuss how this can be achieved in CT? I am new to CT


You can track it by adding a custom event - How to track Session time in CleverTap?