Best Resources for Data Analysis and Customer Segmentation


We’ve got a solid collection of case studies on how customers have used our analytics and engagement startup’s platform, CleverTap, to successfully reach out to different segments of users with relevant messaging:

Flyrobe, India’s largest and most popular fashion rental service:

Using CleverTap segmentation to retarget users on Facebook with styles they may like to rent, Flyrobe was able to reduce their CPT 10x compared to similar acquisition ads run directly on Facebook.

They were really happy with the results:

Read the case study here!

Styl, one of India’s quickest salon-booking apps:

Styl welcomed new users to their app with a pre-built Clever Campaign explaining the benefits of their app and offering a goodie - a Styl coupon! This saw 2x the amount of conversions from user to customer than they were seeing earlier.

They were pleased with the results as well:

Read the case study here.

Streamago, a new live-streaming app gaining popularity in Europe and the United States:

They used CleverTap’s hyper-geographic segmentation to send out campaigns in languages based on region, connecting with their users on a more personal level and effectively increasing their new user retention by 49%.

Read the case study here.

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