Bulk Data Push in clevertap



Is there any way by which we can upload bulk data in one go (By API integration or somehow)?
Kindly revert asap.



Hey @yaminipagaria13,

Absolutely, you can upload data to CleverTap by the following methods:

1.) Upload API: You can use our APIs to upload the profiles as well as events for the associated profiles.
Documentation Link:
To upload profiles: https://support.clevertap.com/docs/api/working-with-user-profiles.html#uploading-user-profiles
To upload events: https://support.clevertap.com/docs/api/working-with-events.html#upload-events

2.) CSV Upload: Data can also be uploaded using the CSV format.
Documentation Link: https://github.com/CleverTap/clevertap-csv-upload



What is the format of CSV file?


Hey @yaminipagaria13,

Please find the format of the CSV file.

For profile upload:

For events upload:


when I upload record more than 200 hundred record(csv row) then its giving 500 error
starting upload for 787275 records
uploading 787275 records for batch num 1 of 1
HTTP Error 500: Async Timeout

batch num 1 uploaded
processed 787275 records of 787275 total records

please help me out


Hey Pradeep,

If you’re uploading lots of data, recommend using this GO Script instead of Python one - https://github.com/ankit-arora/clevertap-csv-upload