Can we add user level limits across campaigns?


Is there anyway that I can restrict the number of Emails/Notifications/SMSes that a user receives across campaigns (And not only at a per day basis)? I want to be able to restrict it across campaigns and across multiple days as well, ie., one user who has received an email should not receive an email for X days before he/she can receive another mail, with an option to configure X as forever.


Hey @kaushikmitra,

Currently CleverTap allows you to set global limits i.e. Do not send more than
X emails/sms/notif per user per Y day.
You can configure ‘X’ but not ‘Y’.
While creating a ‘Email’ campaign in the CT dashboard you have fine control over the delivery of the email to the user.
You can configure “Time Zone” i.e. the email will be delivered to the user in their local time zone,“DND hours” i.e.discard or delay email delivery and “Campaign Cutoff” i.e. don’t deliver the email after a set time for e.g. event related emails.

Can you please elucidate your use case, why you want to restrict campaigns across multiple days as using CT you can send personalised, contextual campaigns to users.


Thanks @harsh for the details.

My use case essentially lies in the communication to users based on their action within the app. To make it clearer, giving an example below:

  1. Send all users who have done action A on the app a notification with actionable X
  2. Send all users who have done action B on the app a notification with actionable Y

Now a user may have done both actions A and B but I don’t want to send him/her both communications, actionables X and Y, within a span of Z days. This is just to ensure we don’t end up spamming the user with too many notifications within a short time frame, with the definition of short time frame being 2, 3 or more days.

Hope that helps clarify my use case.


Hey @kaushikmitra,

Now I completely understand your use-case and requirements.
Currently you can solve your use-case using "Notification Viewed’,‘Notification Sent’.
They come with powerful properties and deep filter capabilities.
I know this is a little manual but can you give it a spin?

Please let me know how it goes.