Capturing multiple search terms in a single event


I want to record the keywords search by a user. My search bar allows for a user to enter multiple search terms in a single search. How do I go about capturing all the search terms?


Hi Rohan

Can you please elaborate the use case you want to achieve when a user perform search?

This can also be achieved as soon as user type in the keyword and hit the search button, you can fetch the data and pass as a event property to the CleverTap dashboard.

Example: A user is searching for Book, Jeans and Shoes. The event name can be “Searched” and event property would be “Keyword”.

Look forward to your response.


I am working on a Job Search product. Similar to Naukri, I have 3 parts to my search - Keyword, Location and Experience.

  1. Each part of the search field can take multiple keywords in them
  2. In a single search I could have search terms in each of the fields

What is the best practice to record searches done by a user?