Chart with push notifications vs uninstalls


How do I create a chart that plots push notifications sent (content, time of day) vs uninstalls?
Would be useful in knowing the content, time of day and frequency of notifs that do not work for our users.


This is very much possible from our brand new analytics feature ‘Pivots’ in CleverTap dashboard which will give you an opportunity now to correlate data across multiple properties and get additional insights.

All you need to do is query by selecting event ‘App Uninstalled’ and since you further want to drill down from Push notification sent, so do Advance filter ‘Notification sent’ with campaign Id.

Now you further dig down on the multiple event/ user properties, demographics, technographics, session fields, etc. here you want to visualize hour of the day or day of the week.

On clicking ‘View Pivot’, you will be able to get instant answers to your query done. (Screenshot attached of our demo dashboard).

You can now spot the golden window for the highest number of uninstalled done by the user to whom push notification was sent on your platform. Thus, based on the heatmap below, you can infer that Tuesday between 9 PM and 12 AM in the evenings is when your users churning the most.

This will definitely help you in taking business decisions easily and in real-time. You can get insights like what times of the day/days of the week are working best for you, which features of your app are being used the most, which sources are working for you etc.

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