Clever tap integration with GTM


How to integrate clever tap with Google Tag Manager for Android Application


Hey @Shivam_Nagpal,

Please find below the steps for GTM integration:

Step 1 : Login and click Tag

Step 2: Add “New” Tag and Name is “Clever tap JS”. Select “Custom HTML Tag” in the bottom section. Hit Continue.

Step 3: Under Configure Tag, copy-paste the CleverTap JS as is available under Settings > Integration > Account Details. Our JS is asynchronous and does not affect page load time. It helps maintain and update session information from the Browser to CleverTap and vice versa. If a user is redirected to a third-party payment site from Payment Initiated Page, the JS will intelligently identify the same user when he returns to Payment Completed Page, given both pages have CleverTap JS.

Step 4: Fire On - Select “All Pages” // You want CleverTap JS to fire on all Pages. Eg. Payment Initiated as well as Payment Completed page. Hit Save.

Step 5: CleverTap JS is yet not Published. Hit Publish on the right top

Step 6: Visit your website, you should be able to see traffic coming into the CleverTap Today Dashboard. Below you see the Today Dashboard with 1 Total User and Users by Platform (1 on the Website)