CleverTap.autoIntegrate() issue


CleverTap.autoIntegrate() disables continue userActivity method from being called If I tap on universal link.


Hey @ankit8946,

You’ll have to go with Option B i.e. Manual integration of CleverTap sdk into your iOS project.
Supporting documentation for the same :

AutoIntegrate is merely a convenience option, but has a few limitations such as in this case when looking to use universal links.

Hope this help !
Let me know how it goes.


Hey @harsh

The link you have provided, tells how to manually INSTALL the framework. You can do this by CocoaPods, or Manually.

But here, the question is different. And it refers to something which is related to post-installation, and starting the code-process.

So, if ‘CleverTap.autoIntegrate()’ is not the option, then what else. Obviously we have to not use it, then what is the other non-auto-integrate way.

Can you please provide any other references, or any code-block.


Exactly, this is a very grave problem. How to ‘auto-integrate’ is mentioned in their docs, but how to ‘not’, its not mentioned. So @ankit8946 , did you find any solution to this ?


Hey @adarshroy45, @ankit8946

The manual way of integrating CleverTap SDK is enabling Push notification support as stated in our documentation:

Hope this helps!



Thanks @Aditi for your response.

But the answer I got myself. By the way I already knew what @Aditi suggested. I know that I have to set-device token manually, handle-push manually by writing CleverTap-handle code, if we do not wish to use auto-integrate.

But my question was what line shall I write in Appdelegate just replacing ‘CleverTap.autoIntegrate’, as some line needs to be written there. Though we have mentioned the Account-id and token in .plist file, but some code needs to be run in Appdel.finishLaunching(), for eg. CleverTap.configure, activate, etc, who will tell cleverTap that please initialise yourself with the Id and Token which is provided in .plist.

Facebook has activate(), Firebase has configure(), so I thought that there must be something in CleverTap too.


The solution is:

Just DON’T write anything in place of CleverTap.autoIntegrate(). I don’t know how, but CleverTap gets details from .plist itself without calling any configure() and activates itself, and again I don’t know ‘when’.
For ‘push’, do as @Aditi mentioned
For Deeplink also, you will get idea what you need to do after doing for ‘push’.


Hey @adarshroy45,

Glad to know it worked for you.

In the documentation reference,, you can find the details regarding implementation of how to track notification opens and fire attached deep links.



Its limitations should have been mentioned in the docs itself… you don’t provide a functionality by breaking another. I spent so much time debugging that issue that even after an year I am posting a reply to this thread.