Deliver more value in the Gmail Promotions tab


Put the most valuable parts of email right at people’s fingertips :

Time to implement : 10 minutes

Background : Use the CleverTap Email editor to create promotional email previews with images, deals, expiration dates and more—similar to other email markup.

Aim : Promotional emails with annotations are eligible to be picked up and placed at the top of Promotional tab within the Gmail mobile app.

Skills required: HTML, CSS

Recommended Reading :

Email annotations make it easy to highlight key information like deals, expiration dates, and promo codes. Adding images to your annotations help bring your promotions to life and make them more discoverable and inspiring.

Note :

  1. Promotion annotations are App only.
  2. Applicable only for users.
  3. Look and feel as well as selection in the “Top Deals/Picks” is decided by GMail engine.

Documentation :
FAQs :

Steps :

  1. You’ll have to use the Custom HTML Editor in the Dashboard :

Add the required Promotions tab annonations in the source tab :

There are two ways to add Promotion annotations to your email content :

  1. Scripts in head tag :
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">
    <script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Organization",

  // If showing a logo, we recommend using an https URL.
  // It's not a requirement today, but may be in the future.
  "logo": ""
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "EmailMessage",

  // Alternative subject line, coming soon.
  "subjectLine": "Add subject line in annotation"
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "DiscountOffer",

  // Describe your discount, this will be shown as a badge (eg "25% off" or "free shipping")
  "description": "20% off",

  "discountCode": "PROMO",
  "availabilityStarts": "2019-02-24T04:46:25-08:00",
  "availabilityEnds": "2019-03-01T04:46:25-08:00"
  // Promotion card with single image.
  // We recommend using an https URL.  It's not a requirement today, but may be in the future.
  // Any image size will work and will just be cropped automatically.
  // GIF & WEBP images are not supported and will be filtered out.
  // Sample image is 538x138, 3.9 aspect ratio
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "PromotionCard",
  "image": ""
    <p>Email Body</p>
    <p>Line 2</p>

2.Micro data in body or anywhere in the body :

   <div itemscope="" itemtype=""><meta itemprop="logo" 
   content="" /></div>

   <div itemscope="" itemtype=""><meta itemprop="description" 
 content="20% off" /><meta itemprop="discountCode" content="DISCOUNTCODE" /><meta 
 itemprop="availabilityStarts" content="2019-01-01T08:00:00-07:00" /><meta 
 itemprop="availabilityEnds" content="2019-01-08T23:59:59-07:00" /></div>

<div itemscope="" itemtype=""><meta itemprop="image" 
content="" /></div>

<p>Promotional email marketing</p>

Result :

P.S :
1.Adding promotional annotations won’t automatically make your emails land in the “Promotions” email tab.If your emails land in the “Primary” tab, then adding promotional annotations won’t land the email in the “Promotions” tab. They will still be delivered in the “Primary” inbox.
2. Gmail algorithms decide whether they want place your email in the “Top Deals” section and whether they want to use the annotation tags like image,offer code etc.

Please do let us know how it goes.
Hope this helps !