E-mail campaigns - estimated reach


I created a test segment which is very small and only has 3 users as I just want to test sending e-mail. However when I go to see what the estimated reach for my e-mail will be it says 0. Why is there a difference in the numbers here and how can I test sending e-mail to a specific user to see if the e-mail sends?

Thanks for your help.



Hey @Jennifer_Curless,

If your segment consists of 3 users and if none of them have email id associated with them, then while creating an email campaign “Total estimated reach” will be 0. This is because these users will not be reachable via email campaign.

Now, if you want to send a test email to a user, you will first need to integrate your Email Service Provider. Please refer: https://support.clevertap.com/docs/integrating-e-mail-providers.html

Then click on “Settings Dashboard”.

Scroll down to email. Click on your ESP and then click on the link “Send a test email”.

Enter the email ids of the users separated by “,”

Hope this helps!


Hi, yes, I realize the count will be zero if no users have their e-mail provided. But I was one of the 3 users and Clever Tap has my e-mail via my Facebook log in. Even when I try to send a test message it gives me the error of email dispatching failed. I’ve set my e-mail up with Amazon SES and have gotten out of the sand box as well so I don’t know what the problem can still be.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.



Hey @Jennifer_Curless,

Can you please send us your CleverTap Account ID to support@clevertap.com so that we can look into it further.


Sounds good, I just sent you an e-mail. I’ll be on vacation for the next week so no hurries in looking into it. I’ll check back here or on my email when I get back. Thanks.