Group Data By Event Properties


Hi CleverTap,

We are exploring CleverTap’s capabilities for us to integrate with it and below is a concern :

Can we group data by Event Properties? (just like we group-by in SQL)

Example :
Say there is an event ‘SomeEvent’ that has properties ‘Prop1’ and ‘Prop2’
Can we get the count of this event count grouped by Properties? like Prop1 = 10 and Prop2 = 5 where Event Count is 15



Hey @hegdevageesh90,

You can surely do that.

For example, for an event ‘Product Viewed’ you can pass event property as ‘Category’ with values as shoes, hoodies etc.
You can run a query on CleverTap to find out the number of people who did ‘Product Viewed’, with ‘Category’> shoes greater than equal to 3.