Help With IOS Rich Media Push Notification Setup


I’m trying to create a rich media push notification, but when I get to the part where I have to insert a picture into the push notification, the section asks for an image URL, however I don’t know where to find the image URL since it’s the image is from my IOS mobile app, which doesn’t have a URL since it’s an app. Can someone please assist me with this?

In a section below that, it also asks for a call to action URL, and the same issue applies. Since it’s a mobile application, there is no call to action URL. I don’t know what to insert into this section.


Javon Davis


Hi @Javon

  1. For images in Push notifications, you need to host the images to your server and past the image URL.

  2. In iOS action buttons are handled via categories. Can you check whether you’re checking in the Andorid section instead?


Hi Apurva,

Thank-you for your swift reply. When you say server, do you mean website. I do have the same images that I have on my app on my Shopify store. Actually, they basically mirror each other. So are you saying that I should go to my store’s website, and copy and paste the URL into the Image URL for Clever Tap?

I’m certain I’m in the IOS section, :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right. You can just link to these images hosted on your website to include them in the push notifications.

For point 2, can you share the screenshot of the section?