How can i suppress a list of profiles in all campaigns?


I want to suppress a list of profiles (need to be pushed) as these users are influencing the overall user behavior and hence i am not able to make any conclusion. Is it possible to negate all these users from all my campaigns & analysis (neither in the target group nor in the control group) ?


Hey @shashank,

I understand you have a list of users whom you do want to send engagements.

In such a scenario, there are different ways you can achieve that:

  • Completely block these list of users: You can mark the communication preferences of these users as False. Then even if the user qualifies in the campaign criteria, they will not be sent the engagement. In order to do that, you push values like ‘MSG-email’ false through CSV or API. (link)
  • Pass Custom user property: You can update customer user property with a value. Then while creating a campaign, you can either select or exclude the set of users depending on your requirement.