How Can I track user perfomed an Event?


I have an critical issue. I am following the instructions from Clevertap’s documentation and blog and I succeed with the installation and push profile data, but I see an issue need to be handled immediately:

  1. When I create a Custom Event, the event (inspiation detail viewed) can be tracked in User Profile page.
  2. But, when I switch to Event page the detail of user performed, no number of user showed-up.

As you can see, The event detail:

The implementation clevertapc code like below:
window.clevertap = {event:[], profile:[], account:[], onUserLogin:[], notifications:[], privacy:[]};
window.clevertap.account.push({“id”: “MY_ACCOUNT_ID”});
window.clevertap.enablePersonalization = true;
window.clevertap.privacy.push({optOut: true});
window.clevertap.privacy.push({useIP: true});
(function () {
var wzrk = document.createElement(‘script’);
wzrk.type = ‘text/javascript’;
wzrk.async = true;
wzrk.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘’ : ‘’) + ‘/js/a.js’;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(wzrk, s);
User profile push:
“Site”: {
“Identity”: this.user.ureg,
Custom Event:
window.clevertap.event.push(“Inspirations Detail Viewed”, {
“Title”: this.row.title,
“Category”: this.row.cat_name,
“Url”: location.href,

Is there something wrong with my code?


Hey Anggraeni,

As we can see you have set the window.clevertap.privacy.push({optOut: true}); flag as true. Hence, the user of the device opts out from sharing data with clevertap.

Once you set the flag as “False” then the data will be flowing correctly into the clevertap dashboard.
Please refer this code following code:
window.clevertap.privacy.push({optOut: false});

I hope this will help!

Prashant C Nikam