How Do I Increase My Users from North America


Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap was recently asked how a mobile app developer can increase users from the North America.

The key IMHO is to first find out who your “best” app users are and then try to find more of those from America (or whatever geography you are targeting).

I’m unsure what your app is about, but for example if it is an e-comm app your “best” users are people who are spending the most dollars buying products. If it is a social media app your best users could be people who invite the most friends to the app, or create the most engaging content. If for example it is an entertainment/game, your best users could simply be people who open and engage with your app the most — maybe it is multiple times a day, or multiple times a week etc.

No matter what you should define your “best” users. Find out WHO (demography, geography etc) they are? and WHAT they do within your app (behavior)?

Once you figure this out — you can create activities / projects around how to reach more of these people in the US (or any other geographies). It could be with advertising for downloads — but you will know better about where to advertise. It could be with content — but you will be smarter and know what to write about and where to post them. It could be with word-of-mouth or some referral campaigns you create within your user base — but you will know exactly whom to target these campaigns to… and so on.

This is NOT to say that you should ignore basic hygiene. You have to create a good/useful app and you have to put it into the app store and do the basic keyword / ASO steps. My only recommendation is after having done that NOT TO spend a huge amount of money in advertising for downloads until you figure out your “best” users and can target and measure your advertising spend better.