How Do I Make an Effective Retargeting Campaign for My App


We recently answered a retargeting campaign question on Quora. The user wanted to know how to make an effective campaign using CleverTap’s platform.

We think of retargeting in the following three blocks:

Clever Campaigns: These are pre-built campaigns based on industry best practices to remind your users at different stages of their journey. For example, you can welcome first time users; you can remind new users on day 3 or day 7 of their customer journey if they’ve not been active since the first time they used your app, you can email people who have uninstalled your app and so on. The good thing about Clever Campaigns is that these simply run out of the box — you provide the content of the messages primarily, and all the user segmentation and triggering of the messages is automatic.

Custom Retargeting Campaigns: If you maintain rich user profiles of your app users by recording events and profile attributes, you can use CleverTap’s incredibly powerful segmentation engine to schedule as well as a trigger in real-time retargeting campaigns. The possibilities here are endless and entirely controlled by you.

Facebook Retargeting: Aside from reaching your users (based on complex behavior and attributes) on using channels like push notifications, email, SMS, browser notifications and more, CleverTap also enables you to reach your users when they are on Facebook by integrating with Facebook’s Custom Audiences ads. This is relatively simple to setup and has been proven to be very efficient for our customers because of the segmentation capabilities — show the Facebook AD only to people who have added-to-cart but didn’t purchase for example.

Hope this helps. Feel free to email if that is easier, and they will help you get going on your specific use cases.