How Do You Define Your Target Audience Using Segmentation


At CleverTap, we recommend defining a target audience before user acquisition efforts and integrate a Mobile Engagement & Analytics SDK to track user behavior after install.

After you begin tracking user behavior, you can start defining the customer segments based on past behavior and predict future behavior.

For example:

What is Behavioral Segmentation? It’s the grouping of users based on what they do in your app. It can be as simple as users who launched the app for the first time in the past 30 days, to the more complex, such as your users acquired via a Facebook campaign in April who transacted 3 or more times in May and June but not in the last two weeks.

At CleverTap, our platform allows you to use Behavioral Segments every time you create and deliver an engagement campaign. With our latest release, we’ve made Segments a standalone feature at the center of your Analytics.

Create and Track segments based on any combination of activity, inactivity and user attributes (see below)
Filter your dashboards, funnels, cohorts and trends by segments to isolate performance of just those users. (see Using Behavioral Segments for Analytics)

Engage each segment with Push, SMS, InApp, WebPush, Email or FB Audiences to drive your key metrics.

For more information on user segmentation, please check out our comprehensive article on how to increase user retention by Paul Brody, Chief Product Officer for CleverTap here. -