How Does Facebook Retargeting Work Technically


Retargeting (as pertaining to a particular ad network, like Facebook)

When someone visits a page on your website or screen on your app with your custom audience code (i.e., an offsite pixel), they’re added to your custom audience list in your Facebook Ads Manager.

A great way to re-engage users is to reach these users via Facebook ads using Facebook Custom Audiences. With Facebook Custom Audiences, you can send Facebook ad campaigns directly to user segments you define in CleverTap.

Simply create a user segment and define which Facebook Adset you’d like to associate. There is no special integration required to support Facebook Custom Audiences; you can find out more here.

Given you have an attribution provider (AppsFlyer, here are our CleverTap docs for this) integrated with CleverTap, it’s straightforward to see how your Facebook campaigns are performing via our CleverTap platform:

Click on this support link for more information on Facebook Audiences -