How Effective is Behavioral Targeting


Sunil Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder for CleverTap recently answered a Quora question on how effective is Behavioral Targeting and what are the best metrics for tracking.

In today’s world of mobile apps and mobile websites, Behavioral Targeting is massively efficient and probably the only way to go!

Think of three of the biggest apps in the world - Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. What do the have in common? Every message/notification that these apps send you is personalized and behaviorally targeted to the recent actions you have completed within the app. It’s about alerts on your feed, from your friends and in the case of YouTube for your preferred content from channels you have favorited and followed.

If you think e-commerce (Amazon), think Entertainment (Spotify, Netflix, etc.), Food Tech/Delivery or even utility (Uber, etc.) you’ll realize that 90% of their engagement messages are all personalized based on your past behavior. If you leave something in your shopping cart, you get notified of price changes on it; if you listen to a lot of rock music on Spotify you get notified of new rock album releases and so on.

At CleverTap we have more than 3200 apps using our platform - we enable you to analyze behavior down to every individual user, pinpoint drop-offs at every and group users into segments that you can track over time. And with the integrated marketing suite you can send campaigns to any of these segments across any channel and measure the impact of these activities on your core metrics.

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