How the app launch event is automatically tracked



I am very new to clever tap and want to use it in my web application.
I am interested to know how the clever tap is automatically tracking the app launched/background event as mentioned below in the developer documentation .
App Launched
This event is recorded every time a user launches your app.

I am planning to use the js library provided by clever tap in my application. How would i enable clever tap to track my app running state automatically. Or does the app need to call any js api once it knows that main window is sent to background.

Please provide more details.


The App Launched event will be exclusively raised for mobile apps. Since yours is website, the system events that you can take advantage are Stayed, Notification viewed (web notification) and UTM Visited.


Hi Apurva,

Thanks for your immediate response. I am a mobile app developer and intending to use clever tap in my app.
I am interested to know, how my app launch/pause event (when it is sent to background) will be automatically tracked by clever tap js. Do i need to call any js api in this regard?



On mobile app, we’ll raise the event everytime someone launches the app. If the app goes in background and is resumed within 20 mins we won’t raise another app launched event. It will raised only if the event occur after 20 mins.

You will have to do the basic CleverTap SDK integration to take advantage of these system events. You can find integration guide at



I am developing the mobile app on a new platform which is not listed in your list of supported platforms.
I want to make use of JS api by calling them through a webview sort of control in my app.

In this context i am interested to know how my app launch event will be tracked by clever tap.


Which platform are you using?


Its on Tizen platform. My idea is to make js API and integrate clever tap in my application. But not clear on how clever tap can automatically track my app launch/pause events.


Hey @srirambngl.

Let’s connect over email - jay at clevertap dot com. We can arrange for a phone call to help you get started.


Hi jay,

Thanks for your reply. I have sent you a mail.



When App is launched via Push Notification, is “App Launched” event registered?


If your integration is correct, whenever a user clicks on a push notification and your app opens up, App Launched event should be raised against the user’s profile.