How to get DAU, MAU numbers specific to install channels?



I am looking to find retention numbers (DAU, MAU, 1d, 3d, 7d, 15d and 30 day) specific to user acquisition channels. I have used UTM tagging for app install attribution but unable to figure out how the app retention numbers look for each of the acquisition channel.

Is it necessary to integrate more sophisticated app install attribution platform like branch to achieve this? Would be great if anyone could guide me here.



Hi Himanshu,

We record install attribution under event “UTM Visited”. To check DAU, for example, you can run a query for UTM Visited in Events page:

Hit View Details -> Session -> scroll to By top UTM parameters

You can bookmark this query for analysing this data every day. And similarly you can run query for WAU, MAU etc.

Please note that if you want to capture attribution from paid channels such as Facebook, you’ll have to integrate 3rd party attribution providers such as Branch or AppsFlyer. Here are our docs -

AppsFlyer -
Branch -


Hi Apurva,

Thanks for providing this clarification. It was really helpful.

I am able to access this data exactly as you have mentioned as we had Branch integrated. However, is it possible to find the aggregate level data of these metrics based on the attribution such as Average DAU per channel or average number of events in a month executed specific to channels?