How to Implement & Use Deep Links In CleverTap



Android :
Guide :

iOS :

Usage In CleverTap :
CleverTap supports standard Android and iOS deep-links for in-apps as well as push notifications.No extra integration is required from the developers end.

Sample Deep Link :

a.Push Notifications :
While setting up the Campaigns, in the Advanced section under “Deep link / External URL” enter the deep link URL.

For In-apps :

  1. Template Based :
  1. Custom HTML :
  • Treat the deep link URL similar to a normal website url while creating HTML content.
    e.g. < a href=“”>Button 1

How CleverTap can help you customise your deep link urls (Push Notifications):
Let’s take a scenario wherein users have added a recipe X to their reading list and haven’t read the same in 1 hour. You can setup an updated push notification campaign in CleverTap with dynamic deep links automatically taking users to their respective recipe page upon clicking the push notification.

While entering the deep link url, type “@” and you’ll get dynamic replacements based on user/event properties.

Click Tracking :
Push : No extra development effort required for deep links with CleverTap SDK 3.1.8 onwards.
In-Apps : Template Based : Clicks will be tracked out of the box. HTML : Clicks wont be tracked.

Hope this helps !


When i click on notification then its redirecting me on app for few sec and its opening url on safari, Please provide me solution how i need to handle it.