How to set IP Address & FCM Token of a profile upload from server side


I’m using the API to upload profile data. In this, have a couple fields to upload:

  1. IP Address - so that user’s location is identified.
    What is the key name in the ‘profileData’ to upload the IP Address ?

  2. When the user enables web push notification, we store the FCM Token.
    What is the key name in the ‘profileData’ to upload the FCM Token so that web push notifications can be sent via CT ?


Hey @Bigpesa

  1. CleverTap’s SDK uses Maxmind (an IP to location database) to map the user to his/her city level location. Using the API, it wouldn’t be possible. You will only be able to save the IP of the user as a string in a profile property. Instead, if you have the city level location, we would recommend you to save that instead.

  2. What is the reason to upload a web push notification FCM token? If you’re moving from an older provider, you will still not be able to reach out to the user with an older token. Can you please elaborate the details in an email to