How to share funnels & cohorts (bookmarks) with other users?


Hi guys,

Could you advise how to share bookmarks (funnels & cohors) with other CT users? I saw a video in the CT YouTube channel, but I guess that was based on the old version of the tool. Now I cannot see any the “Make it Public” option.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!


Hi Valentina,

Like you rightly mention, making bookmarks public is a functionality from an older version of CleverTap. The scope of all bookmarks (funnels, cohorts, events and trends) are currently limited to a user right now, and not for an account.

Request you to share the logic behind the cohort and funnel bookmarks with your account users, so that they can replicate them in their scope.


I don’t get it… if I use the flows screen, and I build a complex flow analysis, how do I share it with my colleague to show them?

I can’t even figure out how to save it for myself.

I’m sure there is a way to do this, it’s impossible that software this expensive wouldn’t have unique URLs / saved settings of some sort to share.


Hi Jacob,

Our plan is to allow you to pin flows to your custom dashboard replacing bookmarks. You should see this ability soon in our dashboard.