How to track clicks for buttons in an InApp Notification?


InApps can have 2 buttons. I want to track how many clicks did those buttons receive? Is ‘UTM Visited’ event recorded on click on those buttons?

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Hi justAnotherCTUser,

‘UTM Visited’ Event is recorded on each of these button clicks. You can find the number of events raised by going to

  1. ‘Events’ -> ‘UTM Visited’
  2. Filter by event Property: UTM Campaign = (Your InApp Campaign Id)

If you are using a CleverTap template:
3. Filter by event Property: ‘Event Property’ -> ‘0’ -> ‘contains’ -> (required Value)
Required Value will be Button1_deeplink or Button2_deeplink

If you are using custom HTML:
You will have your own key-value combinations for your buttons. We will have these keys assigned in top down order to form input/button fields. (0, 1, 2,…so on)
3. Filter by event Property: ‘Event Property’ -> ‘1’ -> ‘contains’ -> (required Value)
‘1’ for the second button

This is a provisional measure and we’ll be simplifying this functionality soon.
Note: These properties will not show up in the activity log of your user profiles

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Recently, we have abstracted the key-value mapping

The 3rd step can be avoided by simply clicking on ‘View Details’ after the 2nd step. Then under ‘Trends and Properties’ tab, scroll down to the histogram which lets you filter by event properties.

If you are using a CleverTap template:
Select event property as ‘0’

The histogram will show the distribution of the clicked options.
For eg: