In App Campaign not trigger when upload event from server



Issue : Device specific campaign is not working when we upload an event from server.

We had create a in app-popup campaign which will be trigger when user perform an event action.

However we are uploading this event user CleverTap upload API. This Campaign is not working in this case.

However when we create SMS Campaign, I will work perfectly.
Can you help me with issue ?


Hey @Anshul_Agarwal1,

In-apps are triggered from CleverTap SDK. When you create a campaign with a triggering action, the In-apps are launched whenever the user performs the action.

For example, you have created an In-app campaign as soon as the users do ‘Sign Up’ > show welcome In-app. In this scenario, when a user does Sign up, the CleverTap SDK on the App detects the same and renders an In-app on the user’s device.

However, when you push the events from your backend, you cannot trigger an In-app.