Insert image in Push Notification



as far as I understand, it’s possible to insert an image in a Push Notification on Android, not on iOS. Can you confirm or explain me how to do?


You’re right! Images can be sent only with Android push notifications. We’ve got an option to include a URL to the image on the dashboard. See below!


Thanks @Jay. I look forward to seeing this feature also for iOS! :slight_smile:


iOS as a platform does not support images in push. The day Tim Cook allows it, we will too. Image push notifications #FTW


Hi Is it possible to Image (Jpeg/Gif) in Chrome Browser Push notification ? If possible please let us know the details


Hello @mahesh_V

Unfortunately we do not support images in Web Push Notifications at the moment. Having said that, we plan to support them in the coming releases. Hang tight!


We’ve recently introduced image support in web push. All you need to do is copy paste the image URL at the time of campaign creation.


We have used images for Android, however noticed that there is a lag (specially for in-app pushes if the image size is not optimized). Any suggestions/ guidelines on the image dimensions, resolution, type etc. Thanks.


Hi Paritosh,

We’ve implemented Web Push as per google’s guidelines.

Google doesn’t specify any image dimension guideline on their website, but they do provide aspect ration of 4:3 for the image. But here’s some guidelines from our observations -

  • The image should be at least 360px wide by 240px tall, with a 1.5 aspect ratio on Chrome desktop
  • Smaller images will be upscaled to fit the container while preserving the aspect ratio; larger images will be downscaled on desktop
  • Use a 2:1 aspect ratio. Android not have a size limit, but they have some recommendation


Thanks for the info. Any suggestions on the size of image (less than specific size)?


No such restrictions but keep it as low as possible as loading image depends on how fast the user’s Internet speed is.


Thanks Apurva. One last question - for In-App notifications, we are trying to insert out own custom image (which we can do) but I also want to add my own custom “button”/ “hit area”. Can it be done using html etc?
For example - I have an image which has a call to action and I want it so that if a user clicks anywhere on the image, they are taken to a specific deep link. Thanks.


I am not able to do this. I am adding the link for the image but it doesn’t show up when I send test notifications. Please advise.


Can you share the image link with us on



I recently sent out push notification with image to about a million users. The test notification on my device (android) had the image but when I ran the actual campaign the image was not there.

Also, actual notification for iOS was different from the preview while creating campaign.

Could you please help me understand this scenario?