Integrate Clevertap into CRM



I am trying to accomplish the following use case with the Clevertap API:
My goal is to integrate important communication points into our companies CRM, as it is the foundation for customer support, marketing efforts and everything else that concerns customers.

For example when we send out a newsletter using Mailchimp our CRM also has an entry for that E-Mail for each contact that received the newsletter.

We would like to accomplish the same thing for Clevertap. So when we send out a push - campaign, we would like to add an entry to our CRM - system.
I was able to mine the interests, purchases and many other informations regarding our customers using the events - api.

However I can’t figure out a solution to query the most important information: What messages did we communicate, when and to whom. Is there a way to query the message history?

Is there a way to do this with Clevertap?

Thanks and BR,


Hey @gstvie,

You cannot download list of messages sent by CleverTap using Get message report API (link). You would get the details of when the message was sent, message title and other campaign reports.

However, you cannot get the content of the message sent in the body.


Hello @Saby,

thanks for your reply.

Aside from the message content, it would also be helpful to know, who received the message.
Is that possible?



Hey @gstvie,

In order to identify how many users were a particular engagement, you can use the event ‘Notification Sent’.

Notification Sent’ event is tracked when a campaign message is sent to a user. This event is a system event (link) and is always recorded, even if the user does not open or click on the message. This event is recorded for email, mobile push, SMS, web push, and Facebook Audience campaigns.

You can use the Get Events API (link) to obtain the list of users whom an engagement was sent, you would have to add the Campaign ID in the event property to the get the users for a particular campaign. The link for Event Property Filters (link) with CleverTap query Language.