iOS : Clavertap is opening push notification deep link in Safari along with my App, when app is not running state


I have implemented Clavertap in my Application . it is working fine .
But when app is not running state and i click on push notification to view it in my app.
it open App along with safari. and open Deeplink in safari.
I don’t want to open safari as i am handling deep link in app itself.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @Mohar_Singh,

Request you check with your tech team if the deep-link is implemented properly or not in the app.


Hey @Saby

I am getting same issue, When i click on url from other place then its working for me but when i getting same from in clevertap notification then its redirect on safari. I checked everything and looking good for me.


Hey @Manoj90,

I might have missed this post. I am hoping this issue has been fixed. In case the redirection is not working properly, the primary reason is a broken deeplink.

However, I would request you to you write to support ( with more details so that we can further assist you the same.