iOS Error While Dispatching test notification


I am using proper cleverTapAccountId and cleverTapToken then also while pushing notification always get an error !
Please help me out Asap !


Hey @sumeet_j,

Can you please help us with the error that occured? Also, can you make sure if you have included your GCM/FCM credentials on the dashboard. To do the same, go to “Setting Dashboard”

Scroll down and click on “Push”

Then update the “GCM/FCM Sender ID” and “GCM/FCM Legacy Server Key” and save the changes.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi @Suvidhi_Chaudhary

I have uploaded .p12 files for both dev and prod for ios but still getting the same error. Can you help me out in what other cases we can get this error?



Hey @Anurag_Vijayvergia,

Did you switch to correct “APNS mode” in the push settings page? In your production account please select “Production” and in dev, select “Development”.

If this does not help, please email us at with your CleverTap Account ID, your iOS Certificate/Auth key, Team ID and Bundle ID so that we can help you further.


I was getting error for iOS devices.For iOS we dont required GCM/FCM, the same is required in android.


Apologies for the miscommunication.

Can you please verify the Team ID, Bundle ID and the APNS mode for the same. Please email us at if the problem still persists.


I checked, Team ID and Bundle ID both are pointing to production.
Can you explain me about APNS mode


The problem may, in fact, be caused by the Windows Update problem. You can do one thing, i,e, update the Windows and then restart the system. You can also check the Windows status. If it is not satisfactory, then reset the Windows following the steps given on Windows update error code 8007000e and get a better service from the system.