Mobile Push notification issue


i’m unable to enable turn on mobile push notification.
the below code is what i’m using in applicaiton

HashMap<String, Object> prodViewedAction = new HashMap<String, Object>();
prodViewedAction.put(“Identity”, “54321”);
prodViewedAction.put(“MSG-email”, false);
prodViewedAction.put(“MSG-sms”, false);

ct.event.push(“Product visit”,prodViewedAction);"**********9999",true);
the problem is data is being recorded but i’m not able to see the mobile push notification tick as green.

as seen in image mobile push notification is being disabled


Hi Jignesh,

You can write to with the CleverTap account id and profile link to get more help on this.


I am getting the same issue. I have already sent my credentials to the support. I am able to send push notifications from the green bell in user profile but cannot send campaigns, failing all the time.

Refer this for the campaign issue:
able to send notifications but not campaigns