Mobincube vs clavertap


Notifications clevertap and mobincube
I’ve never been able to get advanced push notification services to work on my system.
I can not find the problem, even by already creating and migrating my old account, the same account I use in firebase.
I can not get support via email, even sending print, deciphering my difficulties, and listing the whole problem with email support.
I’m glad if somebody here can help me


Hey @Taillard,

We can surely help you out with the issue you are facing with the Advanced push notification.

However, request you to further elaborate the issue you are facing with the setting up advanced push notification and drop in an email at We will surely take it forward and provide the required assistance.


Hi Darling!
Thank you very much for the Feedback!

But unfortunately I already sent about fifteen e-mail to the support, explaining about the problem, sending the campaigns.

And I’ve even sent, images to show, integration and permanent bug in my panel.

I really do not know, where else can I get support. Thank you!


Hey @Taillard,

Thank you for sharing the same here.

Our support team would surely take it ahead and connect with you right away to provide further assistance.


Hello friends! Unfortunately I still carry on with the same problem as before.

The support was magnificent, very sympathetic, calm and patient.

I did everything that was indicated by the developer, but unfortunately I continue without getting send a campaign of push notifications.

I made it clear that I use the Mobincube service, and that for some reason the notifications do not work.

I configured everything and had a part, which I had to put the JSon file in the APK of the application.

I am unfortunately confused!

Because through the Mobincube tutorials, I just need to create the bridge between mobincube and clevertap. Excuse me one more time!


Hello @Taillard Has there been a solution to this issue for you? I have the same issues and I am yet to get a response from Mobilncube or CleverTap. Any solutions yet?