Multiple methods named ‘count’ found with mismatched result, parameter type or attributes


After updating to the iOS SDK to version 3.1.7, We are getting error “Multiple methods named ‘count’ found with mismatched result, parameter type or attributes”

I checked SDK and found count variable in “ CleverTapEventDetail.h ” . Int count is predefined property of NSArray which is used to get array count.

Developer get count value from variable of type id directly but in that case user will not be able to get count directly & user will get error above error. Application is completed but if there any one want to add/update CleverTap SDK then they will get this error.

Please check screen shot for details error & let us know if you are planning to change variable name in new version which is predefined by IOS, otherwise we have to get the count by type casting everywhere in app.


Hey @harsh,

Thank you for your query. The recommended solution here is to Typecast and resolve the same.
Helping Link :


If typecasting isn’t a feasible solution, let me suggest one more workaround.

Navigate to the CleverTapSDK.framework inside the CleverTap-iOS-SDK -> Select file CleverTapEventDetail.h -> Change the property name @property (nonatomic) int count; to @property (nonatomic) NSUInteger count;

Let us know if these solutions work for you.