One Signal App Integration with Clevertap


Hi ,

I am an MBA student of SDA Bocconi working on a research report and I am researching on Clevertap customer segmentation tool and One SIgnal Push notification service . However, I would want to integrate the One Signal service with clevertap for the push notifications.

  1. Can the One Signal API be integrated with Clevertap? If yes, Can you please provide the basic steps of integration?
  2. Can you also tell after integration if the push notifications through one signal will automatically be triggered by clevertap ? If yes, what are the steps to follow to do it?


CleverTap also supports Push Notification services, it would be easier to achieve what you’re trying to do if you let the same system handle the segmentation as well as delivery of push notifications.

Having said that, if you want the two systems to talk you need to make sure that both systems have a common identifier for the user. Since you want to do segmentation in CleverTap and want One Signal to send the notification, you can use Webhooks in CleverTap to segment the users. We will send the list of users who qualify in the segment to the endpoint of the webhook you have selected.

You need to check with Onesignal support if they can accept this webhook payload to shoot the notification.