Personalisation for Dynamic URLs


For the live triggered email Campaigns, you can edit the URL links by typing @ where you want to dynamically update the event properties/user properties. After that, just make sure that you add some default value and remove the extra spaces between [DEFAULT_VALUE]

In case of Event properties:

To get final URL as, say,, in ‘source’ you’ll have something like:

<a href="$replacement$##e:3[default_value]$/replacement$ ">Click here</a>

For example:

 <a href="$replacement$##e:3[]$/replacement$ ">Click here</a>

where e:3 is the event property number you want to replace with

###In case of User properties:

Here is the sample code to replace the URL

<a href=“$replacement$##w:Customer type[default value]$/replacement$">Click here</a>

Where “Customer type” is the custom user property on CleverTap Dashboard.

Or you can replace an image with custom image urls

<img=“$replacement$##w:image[default value]$/replacement$">

where “image” is the custom user property with image URLs

Can I interpolate Profile/Event values into HTML elements in my Email Templates?

Hi, is this possible with push notification URLs?


Hi Darren,

We support personalisation in deep links as well.



I have one doubt on custom image url format:

<img=“$replacement$##w:image[default value]$/replacement$">

Ex.)$replacement$##e:29[Default text]$/replacement$

is the image url where last value in the url is taken from clevertap in my scenario.

So what will be my final Image src format ?