Profile not getting deleted from CT dashboard



We are currently doing migration from GCM to FCM.

I was trying to delete my profile from Clevertap dashboard but the profile still exists after 24hrs.
It’s showing a red header with message: This profile has been marked for deletion.

I also tried deleting profile using Postman but it says “error”: “Non existing guid or identity.”

But all the events are going to that profile and I can target the device as well from that profile (by clicking on bell icon -> send notification)

I was trying to delete the profile to test various test cases before releasing the app update.



Hey @Shikhar_Deep,

Once you click on ‘Delete Profile’ on a user profile, the profile is them marked for deletion and it would get deleted after 48 hours.

The time for deletion of a profile after it has been marked for deletion is 48 hours.


Thanks for clarification. I searched for deleted profile just now and no results came (i think they got deleted like you mentioned after 48hrs)