Push notification bugs


Hello guys!
Could you please help me, as to the serious problem of the campaign service, which are not sent?
Below I leave some prints, so that we can find a solution.

Since I use the Mobincube application creation platform.

I’ve tried to contact you several times, but no one has solved the case.

The mobincube, I already said that the problem is with clevertap.

The clevertap wizard, never finds the problem.

And I do not know what else to do.


Hey @Taillard,
Thank you for writing in, we can surely help you here.

Can you please further elaborate what is the issue with the push campaigns?

At the same time, it would be better if you write a mail to support@clevertap.com mentioning your issue, so that I would take it forward and provide you the necessary help.


Hi Darling! Thank you so much!


@Taillard @Saby What is the solution to this problem as I can’t send push notifications as well.


Hey @Foluso,

I understand you have mentioned the same query on multiple posts. Please allow me helps you how Mobincube and CleverTap integration works.

Mobincube would integrate CleverTap with the App they have created for you, provide you the access to the account on CleverTap and then you can use CleverTap to engage with your users.

Request you to connect with Mobincube support and request them about the integration errors.