Push Notification Causes CTInboxActivity Crash


Sending a push notification causes a CTInboxActivity crash.
My app is using CleverTap v3.4.0 and only have push notifications enabled. I am not using App Inbox at all.
Here is the stack trace:

Caused by java.lang.NullPointerException
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String com.clevertap.android.sdk.CTInboxStyleConfig.getNavBarTitle()' on a null object reference
com.clevertap.android.sdk.CTInboxActivity.onCreate (CTInboxActivity.java:74)


@searchy CTInboxActivity will never be called unless the method showAppInbox() is called. Could you please help us with the steps to reproduce this crash? Or share the entire crash logs with us so that we can try and understand what is calling the CTInboxActivity?


I am unable to reproduce the crashes on any of my devices but I am getting dozens of crashes whenever I send a notification from CleverTap in production.

Here is the full stacktrace.

It seems like some part of your notification logic is attempting to reference the inbox and in app notification activities which I am not using so I have not defined in AndroidManifest. That could be causing the crash.


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