Push Notification Causes InAppNotificationActivity Crash


Sending a push notification causes a InAppNotificationActivity crash.
My app is using CleverTap v3.4.0 and only have push notifications enabled. I am not using InAppNotifications at all.
Here is the stack trace:

Caused by java.lang.NullPointerException
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'com.clevertap.android.sdk.CTInAppType com.clevertap.android.sdk.CTInAppNotification.getInAppType()' on a null object reference
com.clevertap.android.sdk.InAppNotificationActivity.createContentFragment (InAppNotificationActivity.java:98)
com.clevertap.android.sdk.InAppNotificationActivity.onCreate (InAppNotificationActivity.java:83)


@searchy Could you please share the entire crash report so we can figure out what is triggering the call to InAppNotificationActivity from a push notification?


Here is the full stack trace:


Any update? Please look into this as it is causing dozens of crashes. Thanks!


@searchy Sorry for the delay in replying. Could you please confirm if you are still facing these issues? Also I would suggest you to update to the latest CleverTap Android SDK version 3.4.2 and let us know if you are still facing these crashes


The crash is very likely caused by Google’s internal test devices.

There also seems to be issues with rooted devices.

The crashes don’t seem to be affecting real users so it isn’t too big of a deal.


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