Remove some users from Event Properties/ User Properties


CT Community,

I want to delete/remove some users from Event Properties/ User Properties.
I am unable to figure out a way to perform this, has anyone worked on this?

Any leads would be seriously appreciated!


Hey @nakulrtm

The data that you send once to clevertap cannot be deleted for security reasons. So if have you sent 10 transaction events, for example, and want to delete 7 out 10 we do not allow this for security reasons.

However, if you want to delete the entire transaction event itself, you can do so from Settings>events> select event and click on the bin icon. Only account admins are allowed to delete events. Please note that when you delete an event, you can’t send additional events data to it again, if you want to reintroduce the event in future, you’ll have to rename the event.


Thanks, @apurva!!

This bit will save my time!