Renaming (New Event) an event not working


I misspell an event(WebPage Viewed) and Property(pageName) by using camel casing, and that got passed to prod. Now that I have started using proper name(Web Page Viewed), but that new event didn’t get created, and data is still getting passed to old name with old properties. I added new properties for the event (Web Page Viewed), and they also got attached to the old name of the event(WebPage Viewed ) instead of the new one.



The event names in CleverTap are not case sensitive. This was an intentional technical decision as many a times different teams work on integrating different platforms and have different cases of event names implemented.

The first event name case that you’ve sent to CleverTap will be visible in the dashboard and not the second one with different case.


@apurva Thanks for response. What about the space difference between WebPage and Web Page. The reason we are looking into it, all the other events has property “Page Name” but “WebPage Viewed” has a property “pageName” so we can’t co relate properties any more because of it. So, is there any way, to get event from “WebPage Viewed” to “Web Page Viewed” with property “pageName” to “Page Name”


Hi @Tarun_Singh_Bisht We use Java dictionary compression. Hence “WebPage Viewed” and “Web Page Viewed” are same for us.

Whatever property you’ve sent first will be the one that’s displayed in the dashboard.