Sending automated price drop alerts using the CleverTap Query Language


Time to implement: 30 mins. (with testing)

Background: As a commerce application, you want to notify customers when the price of an item they might be interested in has come down.

Aim: To send a notification to users who have seen a particular product but haven’t purchased it, informing those users that the price has dropped. Achieve all of this in an automated fashion using CleverTap APIs.

Skills required: Knowledge of your own backend systems, CleverTap Query Language and using Server APIs


Note: This recipe has been created assuming that your application is sending in events to CleverTap that track when a user views a product along with its details and when people purchase products, or transact.

  • Identifying that the price of a product has dropped in your backend systems and servers.
    As a developer/product manager/marketer, you need to ensure that you have a system that is intimated when the price of a particular product drops. It will help you have the following information in that system - The product name, the category it belongs too, old price, new price, link to the product page in your app/web and link to the product image.

  • Creating a business logic to trigger the campaign on
    You need to create the logic around which this campaign should run i.e. the rules which will make this campaign tick. Example - The price of Red Nike Shoes has dropped from $75 to $50. You now want to notify any users who saw those Red Nikes in the past 30 days, and have not bought those Red Nike Shoes and to people who have seen other Nike shoes in the past 30 days and have not bought shoes.

  • Sending the campaign using the CleverTap Push Notification API
    Using the push API, you can query CleverTap for the folks who match your business logic and send them a notification. You can repeat this process for any/all products.