Sending automated reminders through CleverTap


Time to implement - 90 min

Background: There are 2 types of reminders

  • One-time reminders
  • Recurring reminders

Aim: A user should receive an automated reminder before an event that might interest her.

Skills required: Well versed with CleverTap server APIs and confident with the client side SDK


– One time reminder

Example: a simple reminder before a particular show or an event. Example: Remind me 25 mins, before the Manchester United VS Arsenal match this saturday

  • You need to send an event to CleverTap, one of the properties of said event needs to be a date/time property value

  • Set up a live user segment campaign that triggers, before the date/time property

Link to the segment in your account -

– Recurring reminder

Example: a reminder that triggers before every show or event. Example: Remind me 25 mins before every EPL match