Special Characters in Email Subject


I need to send an email in France language using some special characters like ‘é’ in the email subject. While in the body (which is HTML with charset UTF-8) it seems to work correctly, in the subject I don’t know how to solve this problem.
Here what I call:
> POST https://api.clevertap.com/1/send/email.json

"to": {
  "Identity": [
"tag_group": "prova",
"respect_frequency_caps": false,
"content": {
  "subject": "Mario vous a envoyé un message",
  "body": "<div>Mario Rossi vous a &#233;crit un message.</div>",
  "sender_name": "Luca"
"when": "now"


(é is the UTF-8 for ‘é’)

And this is what I receive:


Hey @Simone_Staffa,

Request you to append “charset=utf-8” in the Headers section within the key “content type”. (link)



Thank you @Saby, it worked!