Test push notifications without changing to development certificate


Push notifications are working fine on production (apps distributed through App Store), but we cannot test push notifications on development devices.

If we try to send a push to a test profile with a correct device token we get the “iOS: Warning: Failed to send out test notification(s) APNSBadDeviceToken (1)” Error

Is there any way to test it whithot changing push Certificate to development (we don’t want to disable push notifications in production)?


Hi Roger

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Typically, here is what an APNS Bad Device token error indicates:

  1. Usually caused by the fact that you’ve uploaded your iOS Production auth key/certificate (where auth key is the set of iOS push credentials required to send out iOS push notifications), but chose “APNS Push Mode” as “Development” on the CleverTap dashboard (Settings dashboard —> Configure push notifications) or, vice versa.

  2. If your iOS app build is in development mode, then you’ll need to update the development auth key/certificate in CleverTap dashboard. Similarly, if the iOS app build is a production build, then you’ll need to update the production auth key on the CleverTap dashboard.Your iOS application and auth key need to be from the same environment.

  3. Make sure you upload the iOS Development certificate if you’re testing in a dev environment and the auth key/certificate for production. Ensure valid certificate ( Help, my iOS push certificate is invalid )

Assuming that you have tested your integration ( How can I test that my CleverTap integration is working for my app? ) and it is good.

Please note that you need to wait for 60 minutes if you make any changes to the iOS push credentials in the Settings dashboard.



Thanks for your answer.

Both production and development certificates are good and working fine on each enviroment. The question is how do we test push notifications in development (selecting development certificate on the dashboard) without disabling all the campaigns on production (because while we are using dev certificate, the production certificate stops working, right?).

Why can’t we use development certificate while leaving the production one working for the app the users are currently using?


Hi Roger

Thank you for sharing insights on the problem statement.

To perform testing on the development setup, we would urge you to add the test account details (Account ID, Token ID and Passcode) in your test build.

Also, to perform testing on dev setup, please use the TEST account for the same. Refer the below steps to select the test account for quick reference.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Feel free to revert in case of any queries.