Tracking/analyzing installs from UTM Source


How can i track and analyze number of app installs happening from a particular UTM Source?


You can easily track number of app installs in a particular period, from the ‘Events’ section under Analyze. For CleverTap, a first time app launch is counted as an install.

Hence, from the events dropdown, choose ‘App Launched’. Filter them by event properties -

  1. Choose ‘Yes’ for first time.
  2. Choose the desired UTM source you want to analyze.

Click on View Details. You will get a neat representation of this - number of times this event was performed, number of users who performed this event (downloadable), as well as device wise breakdown of these users.

You can also view other information, such as the best time of the day, percentage of users launching more than once, source wise breakdown, as well as demographic details.

Additionally, you can also view a sample of these users and top performing regions.


Is this option (to select UTM) still accessible on clevertap? I can’t seem to find it anywhere