Tracking FB campaign performance


How do I track the performance of my Facebook campaigns using the CleverTap dashboard?


Tracking your Facebook campaigns with the CleverTap Dashboard

Given you have an attribution provider (AppsFlyer, here are our CleverTap docs for this) integrated with CleverTap, it’s straightforward to see how your Facebook campaigns are performing via CleverTap:

Via the Attribution dashboard

Upon going to the “Attribution” dashboard, you will see “facebook” as one of your campaign sources. In this row are numbers indicating the users acquired, “Stayed” events (engaged visits), conversion events, total revenue made, as well as revenue made per acquired user via your Facebook campaigns for the selected time period on your app/website:

You can also see how individual Facebook campaigns perform by selecting the “facebook” campaigns view on the Attribution dashboard (“Source” = “Facebook”):

Via User Actions

For each user event you record on the CleverTap dashboard, you can see how many instances of it were due to a Facebook campaign using the “UTM source” filter. Upon clicking “View Details”, you will see all stats associated with such instances of this event. Here is an example shown below using the “Charged” event: