Tracking User Exits From a specific page on my website


How do I track the number of exits from a specific page on my website?


Hey @Sanidhya_Chauhan,

You cannot track the page exits on your website through CleverTap. However, can you please share the use case you are trying to address here.


I just want to enquire the number of bounces from a page in my website.
Any other way I can track that?


@Saby Can you help me get the average visits a user takes, before becoming a customer?
Like is there a way to do that via user profiles?


Hey @Sanidhya_Chauhan,

I understand by becoming your customer, it would either mean the user registered or did a primary event relevant to your platform.

If you are an enterprise customer, you can check the activities users performed by using the Flows features under analyze section. In order to further understand about flows, please refer the link.

You would have defined step as per your platform for the users before performing the conversion activity, you can check the same in funnels. You would have to mention the steps i.e Step A–> Step b–> Step C–> then the conversion activity.
This would also show you the drop off from one step to another. In order to further learn about flows, please refer the link.


@Saby Thank you for helping me out with the previous query, something more I want to figure out, How Do I get output as brandID (It is a property in a custom event I have created), what I am trying to achieve here is I have to filter out all the brands with less than X% conversions.


Hey @Sanidhya_Chauhan,

Use case: Identify the brands which are sold the least on your platform.


  • You can select the event as ‘Product viewed’ (or the event you raise when the user is viewed the product of different brands)
  • Then Users who did ‘Charged’ in the last 30 days and less than or equal to 10 times (you can choose this number as per the requirement).
  • Then click on the view details > Go to trends & Properties > then select the event property > Brand Id or category
  • This would give you the brands which have done charged less than 10 times in the last 30 days

Sample screenshot from Demo ecommerce: